Weredog vs The Visitor
Thumb Wrestling Federation Weredog vs The Visitor03:31

Thumb Wrestling Federation Weredog vs The Visitor


Episode: 40
Match: 5
Season: 3
Winner: Weredog
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Previous: Captain Carpal vs Knockout Ninja

Weredog vs. The Visitor was the 40st episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation, and 5th MatchSeason 3.

Short SummaryEdit

The untested Weredog faces off against the maniacal technology of the evil Sinistra, the Visitor.

Character AppearencesEdit


Pregame: Dick asks the fans if they are siked for the match. Colonel says that he is so siked that he came up with a cheer that goes like Crushing, Crushing, It's So Good! Better than a bowl of Rocks! If you do not like to crush, you should go to crazy school. The Visitor is introduced, and Dick talks about his alien technology. Colonel gives another cheer like Spaceman,Spaceman is so Green! He should many frozen Beans! and Weredog is introduced. Dick talks about his dog habbits, like frisbee, but that he is still pretty normal. Colonel says that frisbees are not ordinary and that they can fly like magic. The match then begins.

Round One: Weredog punches a few times, but they do not effect The Visitor and he counters with huge punches and pins him with some tough talk. The Vistor then uses his alien powers to heat up his body and burn Weredog. Round One ends.

Post Round One: Dick states that Weredog can't take much more and that his name is weird. Colonel says that Weredog's name is boring, like Dick Thompson. Dick yells at Colonel and the match starts again.

Round Two: The Visitor uses an alien beam from space, which Weredog barely dodges. It makes a hole in the roof, revealing a full moon. Suddenly, Weredog starts moaning and, to everyone's shock, turns into a dog. Weredog says that the Visitor smells good and starts licking him. The Visitor has never seen a dog before and is terrifyed. He runs away, and Round Two ends.But Colonel cheers again like Weredog,Weredog, He has ears! He could be a thousand bricks!

Post Round Two: Dick summarizes the round, and Colonel does another cheer, in which he states that Weredog could eat one thousand bricks. Dick asks if thats a good thing, which Colonel does not know.

Round Three: The Visitor turns invisible and teleports all around. Weredog sniffs out The Visitor, continues to lick him, and pins him.

Post Round Three: Dick says it was a shocking victory and Colonel Cossack does a cheer that is filled with food. Dick asks what that has to do with the match. Colonel says that it was not a cheer like Ice Cream,Ice Cream, Hotdog, Pie! Or shall not he's Frenchy Fries! and that was his shopping list.


  • This marks the first appearence of Weredog.
  • This Marks the 4th apearence of The Visitor (3rd not counting his bio).
  • This is The Visitors Last match as a minor.
  • The reason The Visitor was so scared of Weredogs' Dog form may be beacuse his species has never seen a Dog (however he may just have a fear of Dogs like some people.

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