Season 7
Winner: Wassabi
Next: Sir Serpant vs Gogachog

Synopsis Edit

Round 1 Edit

Rold the Reaper attacks Wasabi with a Nazi Germany's flag, but Wasabi deviate. Pinky appears and asks Wasabi to continue diverting of Rold the Reaper's attacks and Wasabi sings a rap leavin Rold the Reaper troubled, ending the Round 1.

Round 2 Edit

Rold the Reaper start using the Blitzkrieg to attacks Wasabi, but wasabi deviate again. Pinky asks to Wasabi be careful and Rold the Reaper reaches Wasabi with a Nazi Germany's flag, ending the Round 2.

Round 3 Edit

Desperate, Pinky asks wasabi do not give up and says love her and Rolf the Reaper sends Pinky fall out of here. Wasabi start using your best poem ever that distracts Rolf the Reaper and defeat the Rold the Reaper with your hip-hop spin.