Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy
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Episode: 64
Match: 10
Season: 4
Winner: Wasabi
Next: Unit 19G vs Corbata
Previous: The Big Time vs Pierre Pamplemousse

Round 1

Wasabi Tries To hit Itsy But She Jumps Then Hit wasabi Itsy Bitsy Complains In Words but Wasabi Dissapers Then Came and Hit Itsy

Round 2

Itsy decides To Make Her Situation More Stickier , She Then used all her Webs But Wasabi Dodges all of Them cause the stash trained Her To be More faster then Pins Itsy

Post Round 2

Bucks told Mugsy and Sir Serpent in the arena , wasabi is Going to use the Best peom ever So They have to erase them with the lightning Rod

Round 3

Wasabi Is clever so She Sets Up the Best Peom Ever. meanwhile Mugsy and Sir Serpent are Reaching The Ring But a blue Sack was In the Way Turned Out To be Colonel Cossack's Friend, Mr. pooka is a Monster scaring Mugsy and sir serpent Until Wasabi Finished The best Peom Ever Pinning Itsy bitsy Winning another Victory

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