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Happy editing, Sannse @fandom (help forum | blog) 17:19, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah My Name Is Christian I Know You watching Season 5 Video Phony, My Season 6 Will Bring A Good Role Punk

I Challenge You To A Voting Contest Next Year, However Wins Will Have a Australian DVD Copy Of The Real Season 6,Chespin , First Bring Back My Wiki

You Dummy I Know Who Scoutmaster Scott Is Ive Seen Him In Season 3 He will May In Season 6 Become The Evil Ally To Senator Skull

Don't You Call Me a Jerk , Hometown Huck Is My Favioute in Other Wrestlers Jerk! I Got 3 Votes and You got 4 But I Might Get More Votes Today                               Hi I Am Vagner Patti I Updated All Of My Matches And Wrestlers. I Am Really Sorry About Last Day. But Now We Stick Togther And We Can Be Perfect All Matches And Wrestlers. Dont Deleted All. Understood? See? No Deleted. Here I Am Again Chespin If You Can Hear Me? I Updated All Matches And Wrestlers. Dont Deleled. I Will Use All Wrestlers To Earn New Wins And Loses. Understood?

Hey Your cheating we Want Chris To Win you Suck Man and Your sidekick bOOOOOOOO

Ask people Million times for stupid contest Cause your cheating jerk, Because you Put Season 6* as Vote Chespin my Season Is Better Than You Cause Your a cheater i Hate You im going tell the company your Dexteras Losing streak is ruining TWF, Face It Your Horrid Man , Your a Cheater Like Bucks Gazillion

No Phil is Not in Season 3 he Lost Bucks Gazillion in The Championship He is Fricking Doom To Dexteras Vote Hometown Huck or mr. extremo They a Great TWF dextera Majors

Have You ever been Slapped by Your parents

ill tell them to come to Your House and slap you

OI How Many Users Voted You Bub

Your Ruining My favioute Show, Fine You Can Win What You Want, Pal ( starts Crying ) I Hate You

Ha You Think i would Really Fell For That I saw that

NO It was Samman! Im Innocent by 78. 136

PFFF You Know You could see the best episodes in The Show

Hometown Huck vs The Scorchion, Senator Skull vs James Montgomery Flag, Vini Vidi Victory vs The Big Time

N Fuego vs Danny Kaboom, Mr. Extremo vs Senator Skull, The Lost Viking vs Gogachog

Mr. Extremo vs The Big time * , Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck, Bucks Gazillion vs Face Off Phil

Sick Vick vs Weredog, Miss Fitwell vs Captain carpal, Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Knockout Ninja, Face Off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott, Unit 19G vs Corbata, Mr. Extremo vs Queen Nefercreepy, Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy Thumbscrew      N Fuego vs Face Off Phil, The Visitor vs Danny kaboom, Mr. Extremo vs The Visitor, Mr. Extremo vs Scorchion        

The Visitor vs Gogachog, Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Unit 19G, Danny Kaboom vs The Black Knight, 

Hometown Huck vs Mugsy Thumbscrew , Cleat Cunningham vs Senator Skull and Cleat Cunningham vs big time 


THEN **** IN THEN ******** YOUR ******** SO THEN YOULL HAVE TO **** SIDEWAYS. *****

SHUT UP im using Your Season 6! and I Like it you Can Use My Season 6* By The Way

You are a Robot The END!

LLL Annoy you With snychronize Dance Yeah



Alright Im, Sorry aswell Chespin Let's Cancelled the contest tormorrow and ill make a deal

Say you Use Some Of Your  Matches We Can Make a Good Season , Then Well be able To Make Season 7 Sometime

and ill take away some of My matches, DEAL?

Okay I Got The Season 5 Image Installer and The Real SamMan

Your Going To Let Phil Lose in season 7 being Crushed By The Big Time? I Thought You Like face Off Phil

I thought you Like Face Off Phil ? and I Thought he's Your favioute             Hello Again Chespin. Knockout Ninja Has Its New Stats And Grows Stronger And Faster. Remember Knockout Ninja Vs N Fuego? You Love It.

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