Match 12    In Round 1 billy batboy says that he's going to beat unit 19G to a pulp and hits unit 19G but the robot dextera feels nothing and charges at billy ,winning the round . Next , in Round 2 itsy bitsy gives billy the Robot Controller 90000 , which electrifys unit 19G and lets billy batboy control the robot. billy's pretty happy and says " ohhhh, why are you hitting yourself ? " , ending the round . In Round 3 billy plas with the controller some more until itsy bitsy says don't press that red button , but billy still plays until he hits the red button and the controller stops working . Then unit 19G charges at billy again , so billy summons Leatherwing but unit 19G charges upward at Leatherwing , causing the humongus bat to land on Pinky. Then unit 19G pins billy for the win.Next: Senator skull vs milty the clown previous: Queen nefercreepy vs gary the intern 
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