winer:Unit 19g

round 1 the big time punch unit 19g 5 times but is to hard to hit unit 19g and senator skull gives a hammer and and the big time charge at unit 19g with his hammer but the big time stars wobbling

round 2 the big time is mad because is hard to punch unit 19g and senator skull tells the big time to how to win and senator skull told cheeko rojo and billy batboy brings a water tank and cover the water tank the big time and billy batboy and unit19g its about to charge the big time and the big time thugs move out of the way and james its back and he shouts unit 19g stop its the water tank and unit 19g is stop and continue to punch the big time

round 3 the big time is ready for his time bomb at unit 19g and hits unit19g and its not work the big time is tired right now and unit 19g pins him

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