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Unit 19G vs Corbata
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Episode: 65
Match: 11
Season: 4
Winner: Unit 19G
Next: James Montgomery Flag vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Previous: Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy

Unit 19 vs Corbata was the 65th episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and is the 11th match of Season 4.

Short Summary Edit

The Sinistra gaming geek Corbata squares off against the Dexteras' fighting robot, Unit 19G! The Sinistras try to use a remote to help Corbata when his cheat codes fail him, but miscommunication leads to the Sinistras suffering a major loss in more ways than one!

Character Appearances Edit

Summary Edit

Pregame: Dick greets the fans, and then announces that the match is brought from the depths of cyberpace. Colonel stated that cyberspace is where he thought he left his tennis shoes, a flashback is shown of Colonel demanding his computer to return his shoes, then proceeds to bash the keyboard in anger. Dick replies that technology can be frustrating. Unit 19G is announced with his lack of match appearance, but his training with The Stash should help him throw out punches faster than ever. Corbata is introduced, with a brief description of his championships in gaming, Dick adds that this match is a true contest between man and machine. Colonel replies that man and machine are natural enemies, like bear and bear. The match begins with Round One.

Round One: Corbata begins the match by trading words to Unit 19G, then proceeds to perform a cheat code, but completing the code, he realized that he might have performed the code wrong, he wonders to himself if it was a different combination, with Corbata distracted, Unit 19G lays a huge hit sending Corbata across the ring, ending Round One. Post Round One: Dick beings his intermission with a brief review that Corbata forgot his own cheat code and Unit 19G made Corbata eat silicon, which is human error for everyone. Colonel comments that Dick is now insulting humans, he then decide to keep an eye on Dick, he then calls Dick a cyborg. Dick replies that he knows that he is not a cyborg, but Colonel replies that is what a cyborg would say.

Round Two: Round Two begins with Unit 19G on the offense. With Corbata in trouble, Bucks Gazillion proceeds for sabotage. Bucks gives Itsy Bitsy a remote rigged to control Unit 19G, Corbata in wow, taunts Unit 19G by questioning "Why are you hitting yourself" multiple times at Unit 19G. The round ends with the robotic thumb hitting himself on the poles.

Post Round Two: Dick states that Unit 19G really needs a reboot. Meanwhile, Colonel is sneaking behind Dick in order to "crush" him. After suceeding, he then proclaims that if he can beat a cyborg, then he might be a cyborg himself.

Round Three: Round Three begins with Unit 19G still under the control of Itsy Bitsy, but Billy Batboy comes in and demands for him to try the remote, but Itsy Bitsy refuses to give it to him, which leads to a little struggle for the control of the remote. They both drop the remote, which breaks, freeing Unit 19G. With Unit 19G back in control, he gives Corbata another big hit, but Cobata decides to give him his "nastiest cheat yet". After performing the code, nothing happens but a feather falls on Unit 19G, Corbata is disappointed since he got the code from a guy in a videogame store, saying the cheat would have been awsome. Unit 19G then pins Corbata, claiming his first victory and another win for The Dexteras. Bucks yells at Itsy Bitsy for her incompetence, which will not be tolerated, Itsy Bitsy tells Bucks that won't happen because she quits The Sinistras. The audience is shocked by this.

Post Round Three: Dick announces his thought on the loss of Itsy Bitsy. Dick then wonders how the Colonel feels about this, but the Colonel is acting like a robot, who can only understand crushing an numbers, to prove this, Dick asks "Cyborg Cossack" a diffuclt mathmatical question, but "Cyborg Cossack" stated that he forgot his calculator at home. Dick then bids the fan goodnight. Then the episode ends. 
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Notes Edit

  • This marks the 3rd appearance of Unit 19G
  • This marks the second appearance of Corbata
  • This marks the second time a Sinistra quit because of Bucks Gazillion.

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