Season 6
Winner: Tom Cat
Next: The Lost Viking vs Knockout Ninja

Pregame Dick greets the TWF fans and Colonel makes a special announcement, he has superpowers. Dick doesn't really believe him and Colonel tries to prove it. He uses his superpowers on his friend Peanut which ends with a sledgehammer crushing Peanut. Colonel says he has telekinesis and that he is even greater than ever. Tom Cat is first introduced and Dick says that vets don't know how he produces fur-balls as huge as a head. Colonel discovers that Tom has fur all over his body and that's why he cannot use his powers to see his underwear. Itsy Bitsy is then introduced and Dick says that he wouldn't wanna tango with those eight legs and Colonel says that she couldn't crush stuff with her mind. In Round One, Tom is on top but Itsy counters backs and says she eats mesley felines for breakfast. Tom comes back at her and says cats squash puny pests spiders and pins her. Post Round One Dick says that the Dexteras are on top and the Sinistras are all over the place. Colonel says he can use his powers to drop a boom box on both of them. Dick still isn't convinced. In Round Two, Itsy's had enough and bites Tom. He gets really dizzy as the venom courses through he's vains. Suddenly, Tom gets so sick he barfs on Itsy which gets her really angry that she knocks Tom to the ground. Post Round Two Dick says that Itsy is getting Tom on the ropes and Colonel says that cats are easily no match for his powers and that he could crush him in a second. In Round Three, Itsy has Tom on the ropes. It looks like the end for Tom when Colonel uses his telekinesis to tangle Itsy in her own web. Tom then hits Itsy several times and pins her. Post Round Three, Dick is surprised that Tom Cat is on top but,however,still is not convinced Colonel has telekinesis and says it was just a couincidence. Colonel,furious,then uses his powers to drop bricks onto Dick and says Goodnight,Fellow Crushers.

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