Match 6      In Round 1 pierre pamplemousse throws an explosive muffin at the big time and the big time kicks it back . so the muffin explodes on pierre , and the big time insults pierre how he isn't good at wrestling and hits him , winning the round . Next , in Round 2 peirre uses the Spatula Storm but , like in their last match , it does nothing . then the big time insults peirre again how he isn't really a wrestler , he's just a dumb chef . then he peirre on the ropes . In Round 3 the big time sets up and counts down for the Time Bomb , insulting pierre even more this this time . then peirre gets so mad he charges at the big time , but it does nothing . so the big time insults again and uses the Time Bomb to pin peirre , winning their rematch and another sinistra win .Next: Rolf the reaper vs hometown huck (reamtch) Previous: The lost viking vs wasabi
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