The Visitor vs. Hometown Huck
The Visitor vs Hometown Huck

TWF Trash Talk - The Visitor vs00:46

TWF Trash Talk - The Visitor vs. Hometown Huck

Episode: 67
Match: 13
Season: 4(Quarter-finals)
Winner: The Visitor
Next: Mr. Extremo vs Queen Nefercreepy
Previous: James Montgomery Flag vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky

Round One

Hometown Huck starts off the match with some punches, The Visitor can't help But his Pathetic earth Punches So he Teleports Then huck Promised his Fans a Butt Woping The Visitor Shoots Lasers But Huck Dodges them and ask the ref is there a Rule Against But Not Now Thanks To Bucks

Round Two

Hometown Huck got One Thing , The Visitor Doesn't Understand Good Ol Hometown Spirit , the Visitor is Confused Thinking That it's Going To Hurt him. Huck states it's not but his Hits are Then he Pins The Visitor but He Teleports Away lead Huck saying Raspberries

Round Three                            The Visitor States Huck Can't Dodge his lasers Forever But Huck say he's Not Finished yet So he Use a Mirror To Shield The Visitor's laser Hurting The Visitor. so he says It hurts a Little worst so he Makes The Next Try Powerful So he shoots On A spotlight, Huck says how Is he going To Pin Him if he Can't even aim Right But The Spotlight dropped then Hit huck On The Mat then the visitor Pinned Him Advacing to the semifinals

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