The Visitor vs Gogachog
IMG 0703
Episode: 79
Match: 6
Season: 5
Winner: The Visitor
Next: Senator Skull vs Pierre Pamplemousse
Previous: Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego

The Visitor vs. Gogachog was the 79th Match of Thumb Wrestling Federation, and the 6th Match of Season 5.


Round 1

Gogachog punches The Visitor and says that he is green like him, and  they will make good fiends. Then The Visitor shoots at Gogachog with his laser, but Gogachog dodges and it hits his pile of sticks and turns it into the campfire. Gogachog says that his sticks glowing is pretty and gets closer, but burns himself then The Visitor hits Gogachog.

Round 2

Gogachog says he has invented a new game called 'Catch' and hits The Visitor with dinosaur eggs. The Visitor says that they smell worse than Orion's (Constellation underwear and asks Gogachog what the expiration date is on the eggs. Gogachog replies "April 21st, 70,000,000 BC". As The Visitor recovers, Gogachog pounds him.

Round 3

The Visitor flies on his spacecraft and starts blasting blue laser at Gogachog, but he continues dodging. Gogachog says that the "Metal cloud is making thunderbolts." The Visitor says it's not a cloud, but a spaceship. The Visitor catches Gogachog in a tractor beam, and says he feels like a bird flying. But then The Visitor releases him, with Gogachog landing on the ground hard. Gogachog says he would like to get off right now. The Visitor teleports back to the ring and pins Gogachog.

Note: Gogachog is the second wrestler to "fully" lose to The Visitor. The first being Hometown Huck.

This marks the third appearance of Gogachog.

Note. This match marks Gogacogs first real loss.

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