The Visitor vs. Danny Kaboom
The Visitor vs Danny Kaboom

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Episode: 72
Match: 18
Season: 4(Semi-finals)
Winner: The Visitor
Next: Mr. Extremo vs The Visitor
Previous: Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego


Round 1, Danny throws a bomb saying The Visitor is no match for it but The Visitor teleports away, leaving Danny surprised. The Visitor appears behind Danny and strikes him.

Round 2, Danny uses a TNT Pumper to hit The Visitor with explosions. The Visitor keeps teleporting away, but Danny keeps pushing the pumper. The Visitor teleports back in the ring, but was coughing by the smoke the explosions caused. Danny strikes The Visitor and then pins him.

Round 3, The Visitor fires several laser, but was unable to get a clear hit on Danny since he's blinded by the smoke. Bucks Gazillion asks his henchman, Steve to clear the smoke. Steve, backstage, pushes a lever and turns on the exhaust system to blow the smoke away. Danny prepares to light up a stick of dynamite, but The Visitor fires laser at the lighting rope of the stick. Danny is blasted up into the air and falls on the  mat and The Visitor pins him, unbelievably advancing to the TWF Championship.

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