Big Time Time Bombing Milty

The Big Time Time Bombs Milty

The Time Bomb is used as the Big Time's special, and is used as a way to finish his opponent. First he winds up then the Audience counts down and then The Big Time hits him/her with force like an atomic bomb.

Worked On

Dorsal Flynn: Yes

Tom Cat: Yes but Was Flat and Couldn't Finish

Vini Vidi Victory: Yes

Wasabi: Yes

Hometown Huck: No, Huck got up

Ouch: No, Ouch was down On The Mat

Pierre Pamplemousse: No, Bucks Inturruped It By throwing a Chair

Milty The Clown: Yes

Danny Kaboom: Yes

Hometown Huck *: Yes Because The Papparazi Flashed Huck's Eyes

Cleat Cunningham: No, Phil Knocks Cleat Away to save him and Hits Phil

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