Big Time wth a chair

Quote: " Annoying fly-boy has got to go"! The Big Time

Season 22 Championship
Winner and Champion: The Scorchion
Next: Evil Ira vs Senator Skull

R1: The Scorchion punches fly 4 times. Fly Guy flies around The Scorchion. The Scorchion watches. Fly Guy then pins The Scorchion.

R2: Fly Guy punches the Scorchion. Fly Guy starts to annoy The Scorchion. The Scorchion then uses the Thaigan stinger on Fly Guy. Fly Guy vomits, then falls to the mat.

R3: Fly Guy punches more on The Scorchion. The Scorchion punches back. Fly Guy starts to annoy The Scorchion. The Big Time, who is watching, is annoyed too. He picks up a chair, then hurls it at Fly Guy. It hits Fly Guy. Fly Guy falls to then mat, and The Scorchion pins him.

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