The Lost Viking vs Mr. Extremo
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TWF - The Lost Viking vs. Mr03:30

TWF - The Lost Viking vs. Mr. Extremo


Episode: 55
Match: 1
Season: 4
Winner: The Lost Viking
Next: Sick Vick vs Weredog
Previous: Bucks Gazillion vs Face-Off Phil

The Lost Viking vs Mr. Extremo was the first match in Season 4. The match started with Mr. Extremo and The Lost Viking trading punches. Mr. Extremo then insulted The Lost Viking's helmet and delivered a few huge blows. Bucks Gazillion then handed The Lost Viking an earphone, but he put it on the wrong way. Mr. Extremo told the Viking that it looked like a booger was on his face. While he was confused, Mr. Extremo pinned The Lost Viking to end Round 1. In Round 2, Bucks put the earphone on the right way and told him what to do from the sidelines using a microphone. Then The Lost Viking got a pin and Round 2 ended. In the final round, Vini Vidi Victory played music in the background. The Lost Viking was annoyed by the music and destroyed the earphone. However, Bucks Gazillion opened a trap door under Extremo and made him fall and lose the match.

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