The Lost Viking vs Gogachog
The Lost Viking versus Gogachog
Episode: 38
Match: 3
Season: 3
Winner: The Lost Viking
Next: Captain Carpal vs Knockout Ninja
Previous: Pierre Pamplemousse vs Snagglefangs

In round one The Lost Viking hits Gogachog but this just tickles him(making him think The Lost Viking is his friend). The Lost Viking then preapers to ram into Gogachog, Gogachog then thinks is a game and rams into The Lost Viking.

In round two Gogachog hugs The Lost Viking which hurts the lost viking he then breaks free. Senator Skull then tells him to use his brain for once scince Gogachog is an idiot. The Lost Viking then says there's a shiny peble which distacts Gogachog. The Lost Viking then hits Gogachog with a chair. The Lost Vking then pins Gogachog.

In round three Gogachog hits The Lost Viking then The Lost Viking says Gogachog can't beat him scince he's dumber than dino dust. This angers Gogachog so to prove his intellegence he invents the wheel which impreses everyone (despite the fact the wheel was already invented). The wheel then falls on gogachog (who admits to not being so smart after all) and the lost viking pins him.

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