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The Sinistras are the antagonists of TWF. The name Sinistras is short for the name The Evil Sinistras six majors are the following from the leader to the lowest in command. For Season 3, for Season 2 and for Season 1 by the doom of bomb he the bad Senator Skull, Bucks Gazillion, The Big Time, Itsy Bitsy, Evil Ira,N Fuego, Steve, Mugsy Thumbscrew, The Visitor and Queen Nefercreepy See: Dexteras

Major WrestlersEdit

Senator SkullEdit

Senator Skull is the leader of the Evil Sinistras and Season 2's runner-up. He got fired in Season 3, but returned in Season 5.

See: Senator Skull


Senator Skull


Bucks Gazillion

Bucks Gazillion

Bucks Gazillion debuted in Season 3 and became that season's champion, and the leader of the Sinistras in Season 4. He is so far the only Sinistra champion, and quit before Season 5.

See: Bucks Gazillion


The Big Time

The Big Time

The Big Time is 2nd in command for the Sinistras. He quits in season 4 and later helped Senator Skull get his leadership back. He is the runner-up for Seasons 1 and 5. He has a cousin who fights for the Dexteras named Big Star because he would embarrass him. No Dextera can beat the Big Time!

See: The Big Time


Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy is the best female competitor on the Sinistras and third in command. She was the runner up in the Royal Thumble. She quits in season 4 and comes back in season 5.

See: Itsy Bitsy

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N Fuego

N Fuego

N Fuego is the 4th in command for the Sinistras, so far the second Sinistra champion, and the least evil of the Sinistra majors.

See: N Fuego

Evil IraEdit

Evil Ira is 5th in command he was once a Mighty Dextera, but after defeating N Fuego he became a Sinistra.

See: Evil Ira

The VisitorEdit

The Visitor is 6th in command. He was once a minor wrestler. The Visitor is runner up of Season 4 which to the Sinistras he was worthy of being sixth.

See: The Visitor

Minor SinistrasEdit

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