Twf vini vidi victory vs big time, THUMBER SUMMER03:31

Twf vini vidi victory vs big time, THUMBER SUMMER

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{|style="width: 25em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;" class="infobox" The Big Time vs Vini Vidi Victory! |colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"| No Image Available |- !Episode: |17 |- !Match: |17 |- !Season: |1(Quarter-finals) |- !Winner: |The Big Time |- !Next: |Hometown Huck vs Itsy Bitsy→ |- !Previous: |←Senator Skull vs James Montgomery Flag |} Round 1: Vini and TBT start hitting each other. They continue. TBT then tells the Ref to end the round already

Round 2: The hits continue. Vini asks TBT is he thinks he's big. Vini then strikes TBT. TBt then tells that everybody knows how big he is, even the Sinsitra fans. Vini hits. TBT saya that nobody can take him.

Round 3: Vini then hits TBt a few more times. Vini then winds up for the 'Vini Vidi Vada-Voom.' Vini then uses it, but TBt stops him and Vini gets stunned. TBt then asks the audience it's time for the 'Time Bomb.' TBt then throws lollipops into the crowd. He then uses the 'Time Bomb.' TBT then pins Vini with it, and Vini is out cold. TBT then advances to the Tumber Summer semi-finals, and gives Vini his first loss.

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