Wrestling Edit

The Big Time vs Pierre Pamplemousse
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Episode: 63
Match: 9
Season: 4
Winner: The Big Time
Next: Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy
Previous: Danny Kaboom vs Evil Ira
Round 1: The Big Time and Pierre rumble between themselves until The Big Time speaks about avoiding certain types of food associating Pamplemousse to them. After the references, Pierre throws a garbage bag on the tough Sinistra who asks about its content and then faces off the chef.

Round 2: Returning The Big Time's punches, Pierre slams him with a spattula storm, but Big Time had no problem with the spattulas and kept punching Pierre.

Round 3: Pretty tired of the match, The Big Time goes on with The Time Bomb, but he's interrupted after Bucks Gazillion ordered Steve to throw a chair on poor Pierre. Then, Big Time and Bucks have a fight and then he quits the Sinistras, shocking his fans.

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