The Big Time vs Ouch
Thumb Wrestling Federation The Big Time vs Ouch-003:31

Thumb Wrestling Federation The Big Time vs Ouch-0

Episode: 46
Match: 11
Season: 3

The Big Time

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The Big Time vs Ouch was the 46th match of Thumb Wrestling Federation, as well as the 11th match of Season 3.

Short SummaryEdit

Everyone knows the always-bruised Ouch is no match for Thumb Wrestling Federation's biggest bruiser, The Big Time.

Character AppearencesEdit


Pregame: Dick welcomes the fans, and Colonel welcomes his special guest, a plant. Dick Thompson states that the match will be very exciting, only to be ineruppted by Colonel who says to keep the plant away from the match, and then screams at the plant to grow. The Big Time is introduced, and Dick staets that The Big Time looks bigger and madder than ever. Colonel Cossack states that he could crush him if he didn't have a plant to watch. The Big Time does his cheer and tells the fans that they should get a job, and Dick calls him a guidence conselor. Ouch is introuduced and Dick says that despite his bad career is still a determined wrestler. Ouch then falls on the mat, and Colonel states that his plant could beat Ouch. Then the match starts.

Round One: The Big Time is purely destroying Ouch, and The Big Time asks if he learned to wrestle at the hospital. Ouch replies saying that they have good teachers there and continues to get destroyed. The Big Time says that he has a photoshoot later and doesn't want to be late. Ouch tells The Big Time to pin him so he won't be late, but The Big Time says that he can reschedule and keeps destroying Ouch until the round ends.

Post Round One: Dick says that The Big Time is showing no mercy. Colonel starts laughing and says that his plant told him a funny joke. Dick asks for him to tell the crowd the joke, but he says NEVER!!! before Round 2 starts.

Round Two: The Big Time is still pulverising Ouch and claims he can beat Ouch in his sleep. Then The Big Time actually falls asleep. Ouch tries to escape by using a ridiculous disguise. He trips on a weight and falls. Senator Skull catches him and forces him into the ring right before the round ends.

Post Round Two: Dick says that this might be the end for Ouch. Colonel says that Ouch was crushed before the match started, and the final round begins.

Round Three: The Big time is ready to unleash the Time Bomb, only to be interuppted by the Ref, who says that Ouch is already down. So The Big Time just pins him.

Post Round Three: Dick wonders if someone had saved Ouch like Colonel saved his plant. Colonel says that he has saved the plant from the lumberjacks, but no one can save him from the plant. Look at top to find somthin about this match you never knew.

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