The Big Time vs Milty the Clown
Big Time vs Milty the Clown
Episode: 82
Match: 9
Season: 5
Winner: The Big Time
Next: Cleat Cunningham vs. Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Previous: Hometown Huck vs The Cheetah


Round 1,

The Big Time tries locking in,and Says he got wrestling with clown but when Milty meets him by shocking him with a joy buzzer, with complete effect.

Round 2,

The Big Time times down, but before he can hit Milty, Milty places a whoopy cushion that The Big Time steps on, making the crowd laughs at him. Milty then puts a sign on his head saying 12:00 the crowd laugh again, The Big Time growls angrily at them telling he ain't no joke.

In Round 3, The Big Time Hits Milty, then The Big Time strikes Milty with The Time Bomb.


This marks the third appearance of Milty the Clown


The Big Time (SIN) vs Milty The Clown (DEX) (inc04:14

The Big Time (SIN) vs Milty The Clown (DEX) (inc. Trash Talk)

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