The Big Time vs Hometown Huck (Rematch)
Episode: 90
Match: 17
Season: 5(Semi-finals)
Winner: The Big Time
Next: Cleat Cunningham vs Senator Skull
Previous: Senator Skull vs Mr. Extremo

Round 1

The Big Time says that everyone prefers him over Huck, but Huck says that the fans beg to differ. Huck and The Big Time get into a battle of who is more popular. Eventually, The Big Time gets bored of the contest and pins Huck.

Round 2

The Big Time hits Huck on the head. Huck recovers and uses the Houston Huckster on Big Time, knocking him to the mat.


Round 3 Hometown Huck starts to do The Hometown Shuffle but some Paparazzi on the sidelines take pictures of the match, and the lights of the camera hurt Hucks eyes and he can't concentrate. The Big Time uses the time bomb on Huck, which works this time, and wins the match, advancing to the finals.

Trivia Edit

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