Round 1

The Big Time says that Danny's explosives don't scare him. Danny throws 3 bombs at The Big Time but all of the bombs are avoided. Danny is then pinned by The Big Time, ending round 1.

Round 2

The Big Time is about to use the time bomb, but notices that Danny has trapped The Big Time in a literal time bomb.

Round 3

The Big Time says that he learned how to defuse bombs on the set of a movie he featured in called 'Bombed in 60 seconds'. The Big Time has a pair of scissors, but forgets which colour wire he needs to cut, either red or white. Colonel Cossack shouts out it was the white wire, and The Big Time cuts it, defusing the bomb at 00:01 seconds. The Big time uses the Time Bomb and slams Danny to the mat, winning the match.

The Big Time vs Danny Kaboom
IMG 0292
Episode: 87
Match: 14
Season: 5(Quarter-finals)
Winner: The Big Time
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Previous: Cleat Cunningham vs Itsy Bitsy
The Big Time (SIN) vs Danny Kaboom (DEX) (inc Trash Talk)04:14

The Big Time (SIN) vs Danny Kaboom (DEX) (inc Trash Talk)

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