Season 11 Championship

Winner and Champion: Sir Serpent

Loser and Runner-up: Wasabi

Round 1: Serpent makes the first move on Wasabi. Wasabi hits back. Serpent does the snake swipe, but Wasabi dodges. Serpent then pins Wasabi, ending the round

Round 2: The punches continue. Pinky, the boyfriend of Wasabi, come along and tells Wasabi what to do. Wasabi then takes punches on Serpent. Soon Wasabi then punches Serpent onto the mat, ending round 2

Round 3: Some royal knights come along, so does Senator Skull. Pinky then tells Wasabi to tell a poem to Serpent. Serpent comes distracted. But the knight and Senator help Serpent get out of the distraction. Serpent does, then tell one of the knights to hand over his sword. Serpent come over with the sword holding the blade down. Serpent beats Wasabi with it, then pins her for the win and championship claim.

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