Winner (Sir Serpent)

Season 20
Winner: Sir Serpent
Next: Senator Skull vs Bucks Gazillion

Round1: Colonel brags about his imaginary past crushings, then punches Sir Serpent with a non-efictive punch. Sir Serpent isn't amaisesd, and uses a blinding left hook, then pins Colonel Cossack. Colonel Cossck eventualy gets free, then has Rock drop on the Sinestra. Making him flinch. Round2: Colonel Cossack sends oun Lutinit Brick, wich dosen't move, Sir Serpent is angry, and does the Serpent Sneek Atack. Then Colonel Cossack starts screaming. Pinky is upset then booes Sir Serpent. Round3: Colonel Cossack starts crying, and admits that he never wrestled, he was just a towel-boy. Sir Serpent laughs, and pins him. Colonel gets up, then wacks Serpent with Trashcan. Sir Serpent has the wind knocked out of him. He quickly recovers, and does the Snake Slasher. Then pins Colonel Cossack.


Sidelines (DEX)Edit

*Evil Ira *

Sidelines (SIN)Edit

*Snagglefangs *

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