Season 15 Semifinals
winner: Senator Skull
next: Knockout Ninja vs Flashback

Round 1: Senator Skull pins Weredog instntly. Weredog escapes and accuses Skull of doing a sneak atack. Sir Serpent and Flashback each throw a chair at Weredog. Senator Skull pins him again. Round 2: Weredog and Senator Skull punch eachother untill Weredog falls over. Senator Skull pulls him up and trows him accros the ring. Then Weredog gets up and does his new move, The Mut Tackle.Skull falls over to end the round. Round 3:. Senator Skull punches Weredog 7 times, then Billy Batboy says he wants to help, then acidentily throws his chair and makes a hole in the roof. There ISN'T a full moon out this time wich concerns Weredog. Weredog stars crying and says his dog form is actualy cheating! The crowd is shocked by this outburst and tries to calm themselvs down. Senator Skull then does The Skull's Revenge Shocker, making his opponent fall over. Senator Skull askes Cheeko Rojo for a chair. Pickes it up, throws it at Weredog, and pins him.

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