Senator Skull vs Pierre Pamplemousse
Senator Skull vs Pierre Pamplemousse
Episode: 80
Match: 8
Season: 5
Winner: Senator Skull
Next: Hometown Huck vs The Cheetah
Previous: The Visitor vs Gogachog


Round 1

Pierre throws a spoon, a fork and a spork at Senator Skull, but he dodges all of them. Then, Senator Skull told Cheeko Rojo and Laughing Loony to pull a trip rope. Senator Skull pounds Pierre and he trips on the rope and lands on the mat.

In Round 2, Pierre throws two baked goods, but they end up bouncing on the ring. Senator Skull reveals he asked Laughing Loony to put Liquid Rubber in his batter before he makes the baked goods.

In Round 3, Senator Skull sprays Pierre with some kind of spray. Pierre eats a roast chicken, but can't taste anything. He then tries eating a vegetable pie, but it doesn't work either. Senator Skull shows a cake with the candles being dynamite. Pierre tries it and says he can taste all the ingredients (strawberry, coconut, buttermilk and a subtle hint of dynamite) Senator Skull backs up and Pierre gets blown up and lands on the mat. Senator Skull then pins him

Notes: First time Pierre Pamplemousse is actually pinned

This marks the third appearance of Pierre Pamplemousse 


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