Senator Skull vs Mr. Extremo(rematch)
Senator Skull (SIN) vs Mr Extremo (DEX) (inc Trash Talk)04:20

Senator Skull (SIN) vs Mr Extremo (DEX) (inc Trash Talk)

Episode: 89
Match: 16
Season: 5(Quarter-finals)
Winner: Senator Skull
Next: The Big Time vs Hometown Huck
Previous: Hometown Huck vs Mugsy Thumbscrew


Round 1

Mr. Extremo tries a combination of a bungee jump and a jetpack stunt. But he gets tangled upside down. Senator Skull says that that was easy. The bell rings, ending round 1.

Round 2

Senator Skull punches Mr Extremo. Then he uses a laser, but Extremo dodges all the blasts. One of the laser beams zaps the bungee cord, freeing Extremo. Mr. Extremo pins Skull in the end of the round.

Round 3

Senator Skull asks Billy Batboy and Cheeko Rojo to use an anvil switch, but the first anvil hits Senator Skull and the second one knocks the both of them and dismantles the switch. As Extremo is near to victory, the lights went out. A masked mugger beats up Extremo and the lights came back. Senator Skull pins Extremo to defeat.

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