Season 31

Match 1: Queen Nefercreepy vs Mah Mah Mindy. Winner: Queen Nefercreepy

Match 2: Itsy Bitsy vs Danny Kaboom. Winner: Itsy bitsy

Match 3: Knockout Ninja vs The Ameoba. Winner: Knockout Ninja

Match 4: Wasabi vs The Scorchion. Winner: Wasabi

Match 5: Vini Vidi Victory vs Mugsy Thumbscrew. Winner: Vini Vidi Victory

Match 6: Corbata vs Ouch. Winner: Corbata

Match 7: Hometown Huck vs Big Bad Billy Goatsky. Winner Hometown Huck

Match 8: Sick Vick vs James Montgomery Flag. Winner: Sick Vick

Match 9: Miss Fitwell vs Dwayne Bramage. Winner: Miss Fitwell

Match 10: Senator Skull vs Gill. Winner: Senator Skull

Match 11: Face-off Phil vs The Lost Viking. Winner: Face-off Phil

Match 12: The Visitor vs Milty the Clown. Winner: The Visitor

Match 13: Pierre Pamplemousse vs The Cheetah. Winner: Pierre Pamplemousse

Match 14: Captain Carpal vs Tom Cat. Winner Captain Carpal

Match 15: The Big Time vs Fly Guy. Winner: The Big Time

Match 16: Weredog vs Rolf the Reaper. Winner: Weredog

Quater-final 1: Corbata vs Tom Cat. Winner: Corbata

Quater-final 2: Vini Vidi Victory vs Itsy Bitsy. Winner. Vini Vidi Victory

Quater-final 3: The Big Time vs Mah Mah Mindy. Winner: The Big Time

Quater-final 4: Hometown Huck vs Captain Carpal. Winer: Hometown Huck

Semi-final 1: The Big Time vs Hometown Huck. Winner: The Big Time

Semi-final 2: Vini Vidi Victory vs Corbata. Winner: Vini Vidi Victory

Championship: The Big Time vs Vini Vidi Victory. Winner and Champion: The Big Time

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