Scoutmaster Scott vs Tom Cat
Scott vs Tom Cat
Episode: 70
Match: 1
Season: 5
Winner: Scoutmaster Scott
Next: Lucky O' Leary vs Rolf the Reaper

Mr. Extremo vs The Visitor

Round 1

Tom Cat punches Scott 3 times. Scott does the same. Scott then has his cookie scouts put a poison ivy plant in the ring. Scott knocks Tom into the ringside and he lands on the plant. Tom Cat gets itchy all over, and Scott plants a trap of anti-itch cream in a snare trap. Tom falls for the trick and tries to get the cream, but scott pulls the rope and Tom is left hanging from the rope. Scott lets go of the rope and Tom falls to the mat.

Round 2

Scott gives Tom a ball of yarn to distract him. Tom plays with the rope, and everyone starts laughing at Tom. Tom uses the yarn to wrap Scott up, immobilizing him. Tom then pins Scott.

Round 3

Scott has his cookie scouts fire 3 plunger arrows at Tom Cat. Scott tells them to put their backs into it, and the scouts fire 3 more plungers at Tom Cat, and one


of them hits his head, dazing him. Scott pins Tom winning the match for the Sinistras, as well as scoring his first win. another loss for tomcat

Scoutmaster Scott (SIN) vs Tom Cat (DEX)03:33

Scoutmaster Scott (SIN) vs Tom Cat (DEX)

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