Rolf pinning Huck

Rolf pinning Huck

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Hometown huck vs rolf the reaper
Rolf the Reaper vs Hometown Huck

|- |colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|No Image |- !Episode: |59 |- !Match: |5 |- !Season: |4 |- !Winner: |Rolf the Reaper |- !Next: |Face-Off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott |- !Previous: |Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Knockout Ninja |} Round 1

Huck hits Rolf lots of times and asks why he's not fighting back and Rolf answer that his goldfish died and he is depressed.

Round 2

Huck tries to help Rolf by giving him cakes and pies, but Rolf only feels pain from it.

Round 3

Bucks interrupts the match and promotes his new bed. One of his workers tricks Huck into jumping on the bed before it wears him down. The bed then throws Huck on the mat where Rolf pins him for the win.

Post Match: Dick points out that a former TWF champion was beat by a guy who can barely get out of bed in the morning. The Stash then comes out to offer the Dexteras a helping hand with their training. 

TWF - Rolf the Reaper vs03:30

TWF - Rolf the Reaper vs. Hometown Huck

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