TWF - Queen Nefercreepy vs03:30

TWF - Queen Nefercreepy vs. Gogachog-0

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{|style="width: 25em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;" class="infobox" Queen Nefercreepy vs Gogachog |- |colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|No Image |- !Episode: |61 |- !Match: |7 |- !Season: |4 |- !Winner: |Queen Nefercreepy |- !Next: |Danny Kaboom vs Evil Ira |- !Previous: |Face-Off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott |} Round 1

Gogachog brings his art Rock and call It art

Queen Nefercreepy carrys a Painting Of Egypt and Hit It on Gogachog and States She Doesn't Like his drawing also she Doesn't Like him Then Punch him twice , Gogachog Got Grumpy then Hits nefercreepy on The Ropes

Round 2 Queen nefercreepy Sets a wrath of a Snake Crawling But Gogachog Tangled it Because The Stash's Training Made him Unable To Lose Then He Pins Queen Nefercreepy

Round 3 Bucks Sets a Plan On Gogachog. Queen Nefercreepy brings Him Shiny Coins In her Tomb . Gogachog Got Distracted and Captured in Her Tomb Then she Trapped him In a Sacaragous . Then Pinky asked the Ref It Can't end The Ref Says Acorrding to the Rules She has to Pin Her Opponent to Win, Queen Nefercreppy Does so as She Pin Gogachog Winning The Match

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