Queen Nefercreepy vs Danny Kaboom
Thumb Wrestling Federation Queen Nefercreepy vs Danny Kaboom-003:31

Thumb Wrestling Federation Queen Nefercreepy vs Danny Kaboom-0

Episode: 41
Match: 6
Season: 3
Winner: Queen Nefercreepy
Next: Pei Pei the Purple Panda vs Scoutmaster Scott
Previous: Weredog vs The Visitor

Queen Nefercreepy vs. Danny Kaboom was the 41th episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation, and 6th Match Season 3.

Short SummaryEdit

The nefarious of Egypt-queen of mean Queen Nefercreepy faces against the master of blaster Danny Kaboom.

Character AppearancesEdit


Pregame: Colonel interview the announcement talks about broadcast journalist says "clone himself, role the clip". Colonel laughs remembrance that asks Dick family picnic and Dick segment says "Colonel that look like it's just you". And Colonel cannot understand talks stricted says "It would be a lousy clone". And Dick supposed it's true and start the match. Danny Kaboom introduced, and Dick talks about his explosive of plenty. And Queen Nefercreepy introduced. Dick talks about the Sinistra foundary. Colonel says "who is that what is going on". Dick says "colonel what are you talking about". Colonel didn't know says "I am not Colonel Cossack, he's going to bathroom, i am just clone,i was born yesterday. And Dick says "Whatever you say Colonel".

Round One: Queen has curse plenty of sand and sweep away. But Colonel didn't realize a clone.And Danny says" It just sand" and attack Nefercreepy willingly ends round one.

Post Round One: Colonel asks Dick did realize he's a clone talks nearly interesting. And Dick insult says "Colonel, your not fooling anyone that your thinking your a clone" and Colonel seems crushing involves to talk says " I'm not sure how feel about that" and Dick says "I give up" and round 2 begins.

Round 2: Queen brags no one that Danny traps the Nile of Pyramid inside and Danny explodes pyramid and she bops all rubble and ends round 2.

Post Round 2: Colonel laughs and says "That Uncle clone, I might this very entertaining". But Dick berates Colonel and says "Alright that's it, Colonel you aren't fooling anyone you seem a million of these matches you have nothing more that unspeakable violence and most of all "YOU ARE NOT A CLONE"

Colonel says"Not a clone" and he explode the clone themselves and Dick shocks says "Oh my goodness,What have I done" and the real Colonel Cossack is back from bathroom is everyone and seems says "i am back from bathroom hey where is clone" and Dick speaks well "On to Round 3".

Round 3: Danny tries to give up Nefercreepy and talks about mummy curses and he can't beat, but she still brags says " The most powerful curse in the history of Egypt" and he assault on Danny Kaboom that she make drop Boombox,TV,Crocodiles,Piano and anvils that Dick talks that "some" curse and he stuns with Multiple bonk on his head with sledgehammers and she angers that he hits curse of Lightning and the Sinistras win.

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