Future Season 6 Quarter-finals

Winner: Queen Nefercreepy

Next: N Fuego vs Cleat Cunningham

Previous: Royal Thumble II

Round 1: Nefercreepy hits Huck 3 times. Huck then pushes Nefercreepy. Nefercreepy pins Huck

Round 2: Nefercreepy blows sand at Huck. Huck blows the sand away. Nefercreepy traps Huck in a pyramid. Huck breaks free. Huck then pins Nefercreepy.

Round 3: Huck punches Nefercreepy 3 times. Huck then uses "The Huston Huckster," but Nefercreepy stops it with a hit. Nefercreepy uses her most powerful curse. Many things hit Huck. Huck is hit by lightning. Huck falls to the mat, and Nefercreepy pins him, and advances to the semi-finals for a second time.

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