Season 8
Winner: Queen Nefercreepy
Next: Scoutmaster Scott vs Hometown Huck

Round 1: Nefercreepy and Pierre start to punch each other. Bucks then hands Nefercreepy a chair. Nefercreepy throws the chair at Pierre.

Round 2: The Punches continue. Pierre throws 5 spatulas at Nefercreepy, but she dodges them all. Pierre then throws a garbage bag, but Nefercreepy dodges that too. She then pins Pierre.

Round 3: Pierre hits Nefercreepy with a spatula, but Bucks comes to the rescue and gives Nefercreepy a rocket. She gets onto it. Pierre laughs at Nefercreepy. Nefercreepy becomes angry. Bucks tells Steve to light the rocket. Nefercreepy goes flying towards Pierre. Soon, Nefercreepy hits Pierre, sending him flying toward the ring's wall. oNefercreepy replies "Perfect", then pins Pierre.

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