Season 18 Championship

Winner and Champion:N Fuego(Third wrestler to win two championships)

Loser and Runner-Up: Pierre Pamplemousse

Next: Dwane Bramage vs Tom Cat

Round 1: Pierre and Fuego start punching each other. Fuego starts to dance. Pierre takes no respond to the dance. Pierre the throws a spatula, but Fuego dodges it. Fuego then pins Pierre

Round 2: Fuego then lights up. Pierre throws three baked pies at Fuego, but Fuego dodges. Pierre then rides on a spatula after getting catapulted by pinky. Fuego then charges. Both wrestlers hit the mat. They both get back up. The punches continue. Pinky drops a net on Fuego. Pierre punches him.

Round 3: Fuego breaks free of the net. Pierre then starts to throw spatulas. But Fuego punches them at Pierre. Pierre gets angry and charges at Fuego. Fuego gets out of the way. Fuego then knocks Pierre to the mat, Fuego then pins Pierre for the championship win.

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