Future Season 6

Winner: Pierre Pamplemousse

Next: Wasabi vs The Black Knight

Previous: N Fuego vs Cleat Cunningham

Round 1: Itsy and Pierre start punching each other. Pierre throws a spatula at Itsy. Itsy is hit by it and she then falls on the mat. Itsy gets up and pins Pierre.

Round 2: Itsy starts going mad punching Pierre. Pierre makes two baked goods. The goods hit Itsy, but she isn't bothered. Pierre throws another Spatula, but Itsy dodges this time. Itsy then punches Pierre three times to end the round.

Round 3: Itsy hits Pierre 5 times. She uses her web, but Pierre uses a spatula to be webbed instead. Pierre unleashed "The Deadly Spatula Storm," and throws spatulas. Itsy dodges 5 spatulas. The 6th is thrown in the air without Itsy knowing. The spatula lands on Itsy and she is knocked out. Pierre pins her to advance to the semi-finals.

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