Winner: Bucks Gazillion

Round 1: Bucks takes a couple of punches on Pierre. Pierre takes a few more punches. They soon get into a headlock, ending the round.

Round 2: Pierre throws food at Bucks, like a muffin mine, the muffin mine causes Bucks to go flying, then landing into the mat, but Bucks gets back up, and throws a $1,000,000 check at Pierre. Pierre fells unharmed.

Round 3: They soon take more punches. Pierre overcomes Bucks by throwing garbage bags at him. Bucks is getting so overcome, he calls his henchman Steve, and introduces him to Pierre to him. Pierre says he looks a like a dork. That makes Bucks angry, he gets Steve to throw a chair. Steve throws the chair at Pierre, knocking him down onto the mat, and Bucks pins him.

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