Season 21
Winner: Big Bad Billy Goatsky
Next: Gill vs The Big Time

Round 1: Pierre throws a spatula at Billy, but Billy dodges just in time. Senator Skull calls Cheeko Rojo. Cheeko puts Billy on the rings wall, Billy lows his head down, then Cheeko releases it, then Billy goes flying towards Pierre. He butts Pierre into the air. Pierre then lands on the mat.

Round 2: Pierre throws baked goods at Billy. Billy backs away into a corner. Pierre, holding a spatula, walks forward to Billy. Senator Skull, however, tells Billy to move. Pierre, a bit crosse, punches Billy, then pins him.

Round 3: Billy doesn't know how to beat Pierre. Skull tells Billy that the headbutt will finish off Pierre. Billy thanks Skull, then punches Pierre. Cheeko comes over again. He puts Billy onto the ring's wall, stretches it, then releases it, and Billy flies towards Pierre. Billy headbutts Pierre into the air. Pierre lands on the mat, then Billy pins him.

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