Dextera Major:

Vini Vidi Victory:

Billy Batboy (Thrice)

Evil Ira

Chief Darkjoint (Twice)

Mr. Extremo (For Payback)


N-Fuego (In Rematch)

Senator Skull (Twice)

Queen Nefercreepy

Hometown Huck:

The Amoeba

Flashback (First Time)

Laughing Loony

Face-Off Phil:

Mugsy Thumbscrew

Billy Batboy (Twice)

Sinistra Major:

Senator Skull:


The Black Knight (For Fun)

Sheriff Garlic (Rematch)


The Big Time:

Gary The Intern

Danny Kaboom (Twice)

Itsy Bitsy:

Coco Loco

Mr. Extremo

Professor Ludcrush

Wasabi (Rematch)

The Lost Viking:

Danny Kaboom

Pierre Pamplemousse

Sick Vick:

Tom Cat

Pei Pei The Purple Panda

Dextera Minor:

Danny Kaboom:

Bucks Gazillion (Surprisingly)

Billy Batboy

Lucky O' Leary:

Bucks Gazillion

Senator Skull

Itsy Bitsy

The Big Time


The Visitor

Madame Lecross

Gary The Intern:

Mugsy Thumbscrew

Sinistra Minor:

Billy Batboy:


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