Season 6

Winner:Queen Nefercreepy

Previous: Mr.extremo vs. Rolf the reaper

Next: The Cheetah vs. Tom Cat

Round 1: Pei Pei punches Queen Nefercreepy 3 times. Queen Nefercreepy says that the Egyptian kingdom is better than the Porpoisestan kingdom, and starts punching her. Pei Pei objects, and pins Nefercreepy.

Round 2: Nefercreepy drops a pyramid on Pei Pei, saying that that is her castle. Pei Pei cartwheels out of the way,and sends in her guards to attack Nefercreepy, labeling this as her kingdom. Nefercreepy knocks them out of the way with a sandstorm.

Round 3: Nefercreepy says that Pei Pei's kingdom is annoying, and punches her 2 times, then pins her. Pei Pei escapes, punches Nefercreepy 4 times, and pins her. Nefercreepy says that she has had enough of Pei Pei and her kingdom and curses them for a lifetime with cookies. A load of cookies piles on top of Pei Pei and Nefercreepy pins her.

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