Season 17 Championship

Winner and Champion: N Fuego

Round 1: N Fuego starts to dance. Vini does nothing but watch. Vini gets bored, so tells the ref to end the round already.

Round 2: Vini and Fuego start to punch each other. Fuego jumps up and knocks Vini onto the mat. But Vini gets back up. Fuego starts punching again, but Vini squeezes him, but Fuego escapes it. They charge at each other, at soon get into a headlock.

Round 3: Vini starts to punch Fuego. Fuego calls Cheeko and Vini's fans. Fuego starts doing a smart dance. At the end of the dance, Vini's fans start to like Fuego. Vini orders his fans to punch Fuego. But Vini's fans start punching him(Vini). Fuego tells Cheeko to stop the fans punching Vini, and come over to him(Cheeko). When Vini does, Cheeko starts punching him. Cheeko then catapults Vini towards Fuego, then Fuego, behind Vini, pins Vini for the win, and championship claim.

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