Pelea TWF02:52

Pelea TWF

N Fuego vs. Face off Phil
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Episode: 123
Match: 16
Season: 4
Winner: N Fuego
Next: Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego
Previous:  Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy thumbscrew

Round 1

Face Off Phil and N Fuego Starts hits Then Phil Put How Low Can N Fuego Go, N Fuego Dodges, Then Phil came Back Sliding On His Skates, Feezing N Fuego Saying It's Like a Samba With No Rthym, Phil Pins N Fuego

Round 2

Face Off Phil Shoots Four Of His Hockey Pucks, While N Fuego dances Off , Phil says It's About Time For Intermission, N Fuego got Confused, Then Bucks yelled Out N Fuego To watch Out For The Zamboni , But N Fuego Got Confuesd until He Got Knocked By It On The Mat

Round 3

Face Off Phil was Ready For Defeat Until Bucks Called Steve On The Walkie Talkie To Turn Up the Heat on Phil , Back In The Ring , Phil Got Sweaty and  Too Hot For His Tempreture, N Fuego Feels Great Hot Weather Phil Sets To Get N Fuego But falters When he hits a Thumbpost, N Fuego chance Comes and Pins Phil Advacing To the Semifinals

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