Future Season 6 Quarter-finals

Winner: N Fuego

Next: Pierre Pamplemousse vs Itsy Bitsy

Previous: Queen Nefercreepy vs Hometown Huck

Round 1: Fuego hits Cleat 3 times. Cleat hits back. Fuego burns Cleat. Cleat then hits Fuego. Fuego then pins him.

Round 2: Cleat then kicks a soccer ball, but Fuego dodges. Cleat then fires 2 more, but Fuego dodges them too. Cleat then punches Fuego to end the round.

Round 3: Fuego then hits Cleat, but Cleat kicks Fuego, stunning him. Cleat then uses "The legendary Kick." However, Fuego lights up fire on his head. He shakes his head. Flames fly everywhere. Flames burst the balls Cleat will kick in Fuego's face. Fuego reveals he stole a ball from Cleat. Hr kicks it really hard. It curls at hits Cleat hard on the side. Cleat falls to the mat. Fuego then pins him and advances to the semi-finals for the second time, and gives Cleat his first loss.

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