1. Gill Vs The Black Knigh
  2. Gronver Grim Vs Wasbai
  3. Hooper Hobbes vs Corbata
  4. The Big Time Vs. La Knockout
  5. Cleats Cunningham vs Evil Ira
  6. Gronver Grim vs. Unit 19g
  7. Itsy Bitsy Vs. Knockout Ninja
  8. Hooper Hobbes Vs The Chetah
  9. Lucky o' Leary Vs N Fuego
  10. Mr. Extremo Vs Sick Vick
  11. Senator Skull Vs Hoola Hoola Herrmoine
  12. Vini Vidi Victory Vs. Snaglefangs
  13. Mugsy Thumbscrew Vs. Weredog
  14. Hometown Huck Vs The Ameboa
  15. Gogachog Vs Big Bad Billy Goatesky
  16. Hometown Huck Vs Queen Nefercreepy
  17. Danny Kaboom Vs Sick Vick
  18. Franny Kaboom Vs Knockout Ninja
  19. Face off Phil Vs Flashback
  20. The Lost Viking Vs Fly Guy


1.Hooper Hobbes Vs Franny Kaboom

2. Cleats Cunningham Vs Gronver Grim

3.Mugsy Thumbscrew Vs. Milty The Clown

4. Senator Skull vs. Hometown Huck

Semi Finals

1. Hooper Hobbes Vs Senator Skull

2. Mugsy Thumbscrew vs. Cleats Cunningham


Hooper Hobbes Vs Mugsy Thumbscrew

Champion: Hooper Hobbes


Hooper Hobbes

Franny Kaboom

Cleats Cunningham

The Black Knight

Lucky o' Leary

Gronver Grim

Hoola Hoola Hermine

La Knockout

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