Hi i promised more so here it is.

Match 1 Vini Vidi Victory vs The Amoeba winner Vini Vidi Victory

Match 2 Mahi Mahi Mindy vs Mugsy Thumbscrew winner Mugsy Thumbscrew

Match 3 Weredog vs The Lost Viking winner Weredog

Match 4 Gogachog vs Evil Ira winner Evil Ira

Match 5 Mr. Extremo vs Rolf The Reaper winner Mr. Extremo

Match 6 Gary The Intern vs Corbata winner Corbata

Match 7 Miss Fitwell vs Dwayne Bramage winner Miss Fitwell

Match 8 Gill vs N Fuego winner N Fuego

Quarterfinals Vini Vidi Victory vs Mugsy Thumbscrew winner Vini Vidi Victory

Quarterfinals Weredog vs Evil Ira winner Evil Ira

Quarterfinals Mr. Extremo vs Corbata winner Mr. Extremo

Quarterfinals Miss Fitwell vs N Fuego winner N Fuego

Semifinals Vini Vidi Victory vs Evil Ira winner Vini Vidi Victory

Semifinals Rematch Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego winner N Fuego (this time)

Championship Vini Vidi Victory vs N Fuego winner and champion Vini Vidi Victory

Ok so Vini Vidi Victory wins the championship for the first time and it is a bright time for the Dexteras.

Hope you liked it will post more bye.

By Ziggy916

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