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IMG 0291
Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Unit 19G

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Mugsy Thumbscrew (SIN) vs Unit 19G (DEX) (inc04:20

Mugsy Thumbscrew (SIN) vs Unit 19G (DEX) (inc. Trash Talk)

Episode: 84
Match: 12
Season: 5
Winner: Mugsy Thumbscrew
Next: Danny Kaboom vs The Black Knight
Previous: Cleat Cunningham vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky

Round 1

Mugsy punches Unit 19G 3 times, but Unit 19G says that Mugsy cannot penetrate his body. Mugsy hits Unit with his crowbar, but Unit is still unaffected. Mugsy charges at Unit with his crowbar, but Mugsy starts wobbling uncontrollably  who is still unphazed by Mugsy.

Round 2

Mugsy has his gang try to trick Unit with a Magnet with eyes and a blue wig (one of the thugs is voicing the magnet). The attempt to woo Unit 19G fails, as Unit 19G says he is a robot, and does not know love. Mugsy Says Nuts, Unit punches Mugsy twice and pins him.

Round 3

Unit 19G says he is about to defeat Mugsy. Mugsy doesn't care, and tells his henchmen to give Unit the cement shoes. However, the henchmen misunderstood Mugsy, and literally give Unit 19G shoes made of cement. Mugsy gets annoyed and explains to the thugs that cement shoes is when you cover someone's feet in concrete and drop them in water till they sink, which is why Mugsy brought a huge tank of water with him. Unit charges at Mugsy with "Attack Protocol No. 001". Mugsy and the thugs move out of the way, and Unit 19G hits the water tank, which breaks and soaks him, causing him to malfunction. Mugsy pins the immobile Unit 19G, winning the match.

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