Season 6

Winner: Mr. Extremo

Next : Pei Pei the Purple Panda vs. Queen Nefercreepy

Round 1: Extremo punches Rolf 4 times and he says - if you wanna be happy for once, watch out for me being released of this cannon trespassing this ring of fire, dude - he makes the stunt and then, Rolf moans about not being able to stunt like Extremo does and he pins him.

Round 2: After exchanging punches, Mr. Extremo explains to Rolf that making stunts was not so easy to learn, he remembers how lonely was his life before becoming Mr. Extremo; he gets depressed and Rolf smashes him.

Round 3: The Reaper punches Extremo in the face, and he shows his sickle, saying - would you like to saw your soul to have a better life - Extremo answers that his life is now better with his friends, The Mighty Dexteras, two championships and his popularity. Rolf burst into tears of happiness after Mr. Extremo's accidental speech, and then Extremo pins Rolf to win.

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