Mr. Extremo vs The Scorchion
Extremo vs The Scorchion
Episode: 76
Match: 3
Season: 5
Winner: Mr. Extremo
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Previous: Lucky O' Leary vs Rolf the Reaper

Round One

Mr. Extremo begins the action with some quick hits. The Scorchion tries hitting Mr. Extremo, but he fails to land a hit on him. Extremo rides his skateboard and knocks Scorchion down to end the round.

Round Two

Extremo is still skateboarding, until he hits a rock. The impact causes him to fly onto a cactus, and is stuck there. Seeing the opportunity, Scorchion unleashes the Thaigon Shtinger on the stuck skateboarder, poisoning him. Although Extremo gets unstuck, he starts to get woozy because of the sting, and the round ends.

Round Three

Mr. Extremo is still a little woozy and has gotten thirsty
, but Pinky gives Mr. Extremo an energy drink called 'Extremo Energy Drink Explosion', (the perfect mixture of caffeine, plutonium and strawberry), negating the wooziness. The surge in energy causes Extremo to attack Scorchion with a quick flurry of attacks. The Scorchion is tired out, Mr. Extremo then pins him for a win.


This marks the third appearance of The Scorchion  
Mr Extremo (DEX) vs The Scorchion (SIN)03:32

Mr Extremo (DEX) vs The Scorchion (SIN)


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