Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time (Season 2)
Mr. Extremo vs04:59

Mr. Extremo vs. The Big Time (Semifinals)-0

Episode: 33
Match: 10
Season: 2
Winner: Mr. Extremo
Next: Senator Skull vs Hometown Huck
Previous: Royal Thumble

Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time is the 34th episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and the first Semifinals of Season 2.

Short Summary Edit

The competition moves into the stands when The Big Time squares off against the Dexteras' newest fan favourite, Mr. Extremo!

Character Appearances Edit

Summary Edit

Pregame: Dick Thompson greets the fans to the exciting Thumber Summer Semifinals, and Colonel introduces something more exciting, his new power tonic. Dick wonders if it's safe to drink, Colonel explains that it is safe, and it apparently has the lastest in computer technology, Dick exclaims that if the tonic has a computer in it, but it actually has no computer, but computer juice. The Big Time is introduced, Dick exclaims that he has it all, but the Colonel asks hypothetically if he has his "amazing" power tonic, research shows no, he does not. Mr. Extremo is introduced, revealing the his full name is "Danger Extremo", Colonel suggests if he likes danger so much, he should drink his power tonic. The match then begins.

Round One: The match begins with both wrestlers trading huge hits, The Big Time seems to have no effect to Mr. Extremo's hits.

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